We are in the dying days of summer and the weather is ever changing.

Even darkened plumes of tall column like cloud structures, intense and foreboding can almost instantly dissipate and make way to a scorching sun, that burns me with ecstatic energy.

You are my weather machine.

Engulfing me with a light I thought was out of reach, blinding me to a darkness that has held me in its bleak clutches for what seems like an eternity. Sadness has no concept of time. How long I have stumbled in the dim light of day I do not know, holding onto the notion that nothing is forever.

Nothing is forever.

Hard times will fall away like sand through grasping hands, hardened with guilt at the vulnerability we were unable to change fate and save those we love. Much like every beautiful moment is precious and fleeting, to be celebrated and missed on passing, everything will flow it’s course and drip away. All these the colours of life’s great mosaic, a portrait of each person made up of every second we take, every moment we make with ourselves and others.

Others are the most valuable.

I cannot find peace with what’s been, but I can learn to accept its pain. A branding on my heart that will ache from day to day. I can learn to lift my face up, opened eyed and mouthed to clouds and rain. As if I don’t, it could subside but I’d never feel sun again…and what a shame to feel just nothing out of fear of feeling pain, so I embrace all that tethers us together and all that makes us the same, whilst I wait with baited breath to bask again in suns warm rays.



My face is flushed
A searing, hot heat races from my heart,
to my feet and my face.
I am a disgrace in your embrace.
I squirm
A turning worm, writhing in the sun
Surviving next to one,
who won’t burn me out.


Is the saddest kind of love, that which has been lost. Not one that has struggled through the peaks and troughs of hardship. Not one unrequited as he is far pitched above any man who’d lay eyes on her. When one who’d pave ways for her sits idle in the corner. His mind ravaged with frustration at the blindness to what’s in front of her. He’s never ever felt her like he does within his dreams. Never ever smelt her when she’s splitting at the seams. When life has dealt her brutal blows and she knows what nothing means, so vulnerability somehow tranquilly dismisses possibilities once meant to be. A future dissipates in front of her eyes. Such beautiful promises reveal themselves as lies. All the prospects for her next steps slip to their natural demise as the stairs give way under cautious treads and she falls without reprise. And he could never really know how she truly feels. As at least she has her pride when the secrets just hers still. When no-one knows the burning of the words locked on her lips. There for the taking with the right kind of kiss. The right kind of kiss from the right kind of man .Someone she can count on over years as they span a lifetime as it rusts, a golden hue of trust and lust, a lovers promised planned. Amidst a blur of frantic, grasping, rough and gentle hands.


Welcome to my mind. My blessing and my curse, my best and my worst.
This is where the true me hides from you.
It is an aviary of birds diverse, a passionately adverse colourful verse to the dark hearted dead.
They chatter, squawk and swarm through my head.
Snatching under formed, fetalesque thoughts before they’re words to be said.
Before they’re comprehendable feelings rather than language that can’t be read.
The starlings swarm the most.
I am the starlings host.
They pull me apart by the threads of my characteral flaws
Unravel and leave me next to nothing, as nothing’s easier to ignore.
The Phoenix comes in my darkest moments. Eternal, internal, the starling’s opponent
Always almost too late to save my state from a fate that dilapidates all redeeming traits.
Before I am unsalvageable.
I’m simply unmanageable.
A tangible, consumable, notion of all that is unvaluable

The crows collect my bones.
They are the stones that condone any faith I seem to own.
The Magpies steal my eyes, my teeth, my wishes and beliefs
And they set to work reconstructing me in all my concepts
Building narrow, marrow bridges connecting the fleshy islands of my facets.
Creating a new world in which my tenacious conscious can reside.
Where birds of paradise bask in warm sunshine
Where toucans and puffins smile through painted faces sublime and glorious peacocks dare to flash uncompromising exquisity
I love each and every one who ever was and who will ever be.
And everything is beautiful
I inhale hatred and exhale goodwill
If only I could stay here without fear of self sabotage
But my entourage of starlings will return in a few days, to begin the process of self dismantling again
There’s no one I can blame. I have a mind I cannot tame.
A barrage of disdain.
A fear and sense of shame
If only I’d escape the cage that is my birdbrain.

A brighter tomorrow

Colonization of our beautiful mother earth.
Like colonies of ants, we expand and contract
Breathing life into villages, towns and cities
That eventually fall into ruins as the acts
Of each collection of us dissipate into the woods of our birth
Ready to be born anew, and to remember the old

I see me in you.
And you in the old and the new
We two are three, four and more
We are one and the same.
There is only one name
We are us.

It is not that there is god
For our biggest mistake
Is that we know not how humble we truly are
As far as, we cannot see
I am you and you are me
We are, ourselves from the stars
There is no overpowering deity
To tell us what to do, because we are all one soul split into few
Like splinters of glass
Reflecting the facades of existence
Like the grains of sand trickling through the glorious, golden hourglass of time
We are all responsible for our own destinies
You for yours and me for mine.

We need to find our true selves and learn to trust again
For as sunshine banishes darkness
We can turn our enemies to friends
We can clean up our mix ups
We can undo all we’ve messed up
We can learn to love
Then what we miss we can borrow
To build on today and make a brighter tomorrow.


I want to be a part of your world.
I want to awake to your face, in a place we create
I celebrate, you.
Every inch a man I can look up to.
I’d stand by you
For your principles are unquestionable
And where the rest should fall, you’ve bested them all, in my heart.

So it starts
And I’m scared that you may not care as I do
But who am I to destroy this chance?
So I dance the dance, with poise to my stance
Hoping you’ll glance and never turn away.
I’m afraid
You can’t see what I see. What could be an absolute dream.
We said we’d take it slow
Though I know these feelings are staring to show
Against all warning signs my mind slows to a prose
For a man I’ve known so long.
And there’s so much learning to do
After so many failings I thought I’d tire of putting effort into the new, but not with you.

With you I eagerly anticipate the next date
When we can communicate in person
Conversing face to face
Cohersing each other to an even brighter place
Than our already beautiful lives.
You’ve opened my eyes
To so much I didn’t know
But a healthy together is one that can grow
And I think I can play you your kind of show
But, we need to take it slow
For old heartache is nipping at both of our toes
And it hurts
But. That. Will. Disperse.

So let’s not act in haste
Let’s saviour the taste of this steady pace
Let’s go on adventures and see where things take us
Let’s find all the beauty in the world bit by bit
Because we are all Captains of our own ships
Just know this.

I’ll help you stitch your sails when torn
Feed you when you’re weathered in worn
On a dark stormy night, I would keep you warm
And there’s more,
But we’ll save that for later…

So for now we’re just mates who think a lot of each other
With so much more to discover and see
A seed that could sprout and grow into the world’s largest tree
An  right now that possibility, is good enough for me.

Fellow Man

Love your fellow man
Understand what he’s done
For underneath the surface
He comes from where we come from
Our light shines bright from deep within
Wrapped up in meat and smothered in skin
We are all one kin.

Our kindred spirits live within us
And we confuse these for dark matter, poking the pins in us
Finding the controls for negative thought
Greed, anger, jealousy, my fists grow taught
Get out of me, negativity!
The frowns that could be
The sorrow they might see
I am a child of light, I know what I am
And I’ll hold the hand of my fellow man
And I’ll take the time to understand what he’s done
As underneath the surface
We all come from one.

The chavs, goths and punks
The kids you can’t label
Those lucky people who are born with their feet beneath the table
Those men who are lonely,
Men who need love they have to pay for
Come now, take my hand and feel the love she’d have to lay for
Rubbish pickers, those lost to liquor
The chap who always looks glum
Underneath it all
We all come from one.

So come with me now, take my hand
As long as there’s some good I you I can love my fellow man
It comes from compassion
Understanding why things are done
Would you have made the same choice if caught in the run?
It takes just one wrong decision to take the wrong path
And a lifetime to retrace to where you were last
So we need to change this attitude of giving up on guys
As improvement comes from learning,
Where you went wrong in someone else’s eyes.

So please, love your fellow man
Understand what he’s done
For underneath it all, we all are one.

Mother Dear

Oh Mother Dear
Let me make you proud,
Let me show you how I laugh out loud
How I smile,
How I charm,
How I wear the finest man upon my arm

Oh Mother Dear
You showed me how to be,
How to be me
And I’m so pleased
To be a part of you, but a bit askew
I’m your wilder side,
Mischievous, gentle, kind.
You may find me in the corner of your mind
Somewhere we sit
We talk, we laugh
A photograph, is taken
A moment stolen
For just us two.

So here we are.

Sonder – N. The realization that each passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own – populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness – An epic story that continues invisibly around you like an anthill sprawling deep underground, with elaborate passageways to thousands of other lives that you’ll never know existed, in which you might appear only once as an extra sipping coffee in the background, as a blur of traffic passing on the highway, as a lighted window at dusk”

I am an avid people watcher and over thinker. Humanity and our world amaze and inspire me every day. I have taken to writing to capture how I feel in order to understand the babbling sea of thoughts and feelings in my head. I also thrive on taking photos and music is my oxygen.

Writing is not only enjoyable, but it is fundamental to my sanity. I have both read and written with enthusiasm since I was a small child. For the last 6 years I have been writing and performing poetry and I hope one day to write for my crust.

I find beauty in the simplest and smallest of things be it light or dark. I like to share this with people and I like the craftsmanship behind something well written. I don’t think I could ever tire of it.

I hope you like my words. I’m looking forward to the new writers I’ll meet on here and I’m always interested to hear of opportunities to get involved in projects. Don’t be shy!