Fellow Man

Love your fellow man
Understand what he’s done
For underneath the surface
He comes from where we come from
Our light shines bright from deep within
Wrapped up in meat and smothered in skin
We are all one kin.

Our kindred spirits live within us
And we confuse these for dark matter, poking the pins in us
Finding the controls for negative thought
Greed, anger, jealousy, my fists grow taught
Get out of me, negativity!
The frowns that could be
The sorrow they might see
I am a child of light, I know what I am
And I’ll hold the hand of my fellow man
And I’ll take the time to understand what he’s done
As underneath the surface
We all come from one.

The chavs, goths and punks
The kids you can’t label
Those lucky people who are born with their feet beneath the table
Those men who are lonely,
Men who need love they have to pay for
Come now, take my hand and feel the love she’d have to lay for
Rubbish pickers, those lost to liquor
The chap who always looks glum
Underneath it all
We all come from one.

So come with me now, take my hand
As long as there’s some good I you I can love my fellow man
It comes from compassion
Understanding why things are done
Would you have made the same choice if caught in the run?
It takes just one wrong decision to take the wrong path
And a lifetime to retrace to where you were last
So we need to change this attitude of giving up on guys
As improvement comes from learning,
Where you went wrong in someone else’s eyes.

So please, love your fellow man
Understand what he’s done
For underneath it all, we all are one.


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