A brighter tomorrow

Colonization of our beautiful mother earth.
Like colonies of ants, we expand and contract
Breathing life into villages, towns and cities
That eventually fall into ruins as the acts
Of each collection of us dissipate into the woods of our birth
Ready to be born anew, and to remember the old

I see me in you.
And you in the old and the new
We two are three, four and more
We are one and the same.
There is only one name
We are us.

It is not that there is god
For our biggest mistake
Is that we know not how humble we truly are
As far as, we cannot see
I am you and you are me
We are, ourselves from the stars
There is no overpowering deity
To tell us what to do, because we are all one soul split into few
Like splinters of glass
Reflecting the facades of existence
Like the grains of sand trickling through the glorious, golden hourglass of time
We are all responsible for our own destinies
You for yours and me for mine.

We need to find our true selves and learn to trust again
For as sunshine banishes darkness
We can turn our enemies to friends
We can clean up our mix ups
We can undo all we’ve messed up
We can learn to love
Then what we miss we can borrow
To build on today and make a brighter tomorrow.


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